* Team Development Workshops (3-4 hrs)

* Customer Service Workshops (3-4 hrs)

* Customer Strategy Sessions (4 hrs+), and

* Customized Corporate Events (4 hrs+)

BRICKS at Works facilitators will work closely with you to design the Workshop with you to reach the desired goal!

Why incorporate Building Connections into your training, meetings or events?

Building Connections

What types of workshops does Building Connections offer?

Today, we live in a complex world that requires individuals, schools and businesses to adapt. Building Connections uses the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method which allows one to strategize and express scenarios metaphorically using LEGO bricks, providing a multi-demensional experience. LSP is based on the fundamental belief that leaders do not always have all the answers; success is dependent upon hearing all voices in the room. Often, teams work suboptimally, leaving knowledge untapped among team members. LSP believes that everyone has something unique and valueable to contribute to discussions, and decisions and outcomes.

BRICKS at Works can use the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method to get staff talking and building or custom design an event to suit your team. 

By the end of the event, participants will:

* Have experience working together on a challenging task.

* Be aware of what makes other team members tick.

* Have FUN in a friendly competitive environment.

* Have solved a problem as part of a team, designing and creating together.

Who can benefit?

Groups and teams of two or more can benefit from the Lean Forward, Hands-on Team Building and Brainstorming that evolves with the use of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) methodology. 100% participation naturally occurs as each participant takes ownership of their models and shares them within the group. Focus is placed on the model and not the individual creating it to allow for increased freedom to share.

The benefits of applying the LSP methodology to team building and challenges faced by an organization can be realized by:

* Departments or teams within larger organizations or clubs

​* School Organizations, Community Groups, or Committees

* Educational purposes, in-service workshops in schools and other educational venues

* Small businesses

The Bottom Line? Any group of 2 or more can Seriously Play together!