Have questions? We've got answers!


1. Do they get to take something home?

Your child will receive a Brickheadz t-shirt to take home as well as any craft projects that they make.

2. What does my camper need to take?

Their imagination & creativity! If they are staying for all day camp (Option 2), they should bring a NUT/SHELLFISH FREE lunch too.

3. Is there a snack time?

Yes, we provide a morning and afternoon snack for them. If they prefer to bring their own snack, they may.

4. What can my camper bring for lunch?

Our only restrictions are that their lunch/snack does not include nuts or shellfish. We have a microwave and toaster oven for heating purposes, handled by staff.

5. When is the payment due?

Balance is DUE the first day of camp, along with completed registration & authorization forms.

6. What do we bring with us the first day of camp?

You need to bring a method of payment for balance of camp, completed registration & authorization forms, and lunch (if your camper is staying all day).

Birthday Parties:

1. Can we bring food?

Yes. Drinks, snacks, and cake are permitted. The only stipulation we have is that the products are NUT FREE.

2. Are invitations included?

Yes, they can be picked up during normal business hours or we can mail them to you for a $2 charge.

3. Do you provide any paper products?

Yes, we provide basic white paper plates, napkins, forks and spoons.

4. Can we bring our own decorations?

Our party rooms are already decorated, but you are welcome to bring any themed decorations. The only decoration not permitted is confetti. We also ask that no tape, glue, or push pins of any kind be used on our walls.

5. Do we open presents there?

We leave opening presents to the parent's discretion.

6. Are siblings included in the builder count?

Yes, if they are an active participant. Siblings of invited guests who stay will also be included. 

7. Is there a maximum number of adults?

Yes. 10 adults are allowed for parties in the XLARGE party room and 6 adults are allowed in the smaller party room. There is a $5 charge per adult exceeding this number.

8. Are there party favors?

Party favors are not included in the party package price. However, if you would like to add them you can. To check out all of our add-ons, clickhere

Open Build:

1. Is there an age limit for Open Build time?

We encourage builders of all ages to create, build, and grow for the future.

2. Can we bring snacks?

Snacks and drinks are permitted for both parents and children. They must be consumed in our Snack Zone and must not contain nuts or shellfish.

3. Can children be dropped off?

Parents and guardians must stay on site and are responsible for supervising their children at all times. Please help clean up after your building time. (This does not apply if your child is registered for Stay & Build or one of our classes.)

4. Does my child need to wear socks?

Please keep your shoes and/or socks on while building here with us.

5. Can I bring my child in for Open Build with a few friends for their birthday?

Birthday celebrations are for reserved parties in our private party rooms. While outside food and drink is permitted, serving cake or cupcakes during Open Build hours is strictly prohibited. Customers not adhering to this rule will be asked to leave or will be assessed a $175 basic party package fee. For information on our fun birthday parties, clickhere. 

6. Can we have candy in the Open Build area?​

No candy or gum permitted in the Open Build area. Candy is permitted in the Snack Zone.

7. Are there any other rules we should know about?

No LEGO bricks or minifigures, toys, or costumes allowed in the bathroom or Snack Zone.