Motorized Battle Cars (7&Up): $50

​​Using instructions, builders will create a motorized car. They will create their own flare when adding extra pieces and motorized parts. The best part? They get to battle their cars against their friends! Who will win?

$75.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your party date and time.

An additional $75 staffing fee will be incurred for parties that do not show up.  

Contact us at (757) 609-3738


"I really cannot say enough about how wonderful this birthday experience was for my son & his friends. The staff were very helpful & truly amazing. Thank you for the terrific experience."

​-Valarie H.

Mini-Figure Station (4&Up): $5/builder plus tax

Every builder will get to customize their very own mini-figure! Each one is complete with hair or hat, face, body, and pants. To complete this party favor, each builder will take home a bag of our brick candy....YES, you can build with it!

Selection may vary.

LEGO® Jr. Robotics (7 & Up):  $50

Each builder will get the chance to build one of the LEGO® WeDo 2.0 models and learn the basics of how to program it to move!

Step 3: Book your Party!

Candy Station (3&Up): $3.50/builder

Each builder will receive 6 tokens and get to choose which candies they would like to take home. Candies vary from gumballs, skittles, lollipops, pop rocks, mints, and much more!


"My daughter had a great time for her birthday party. The party tech was very helpful with the kids!"

​-Zoe S.

MINDSTORM® Robotics(9&Up): $50

Builders will learn the basics of how to program a robot. Once they have grasped the concept, they will be given a challenge to complete. Can you complete the challenge before time is up? 

Paint Party (8&Up):$10/builder

Want to make your child's party extra FUN? All you have to do is choose from our vast selection of paintings and book your party!

Step 2: Add-On Activities

*MINECRAFT® Server (9&Up): $50

Builders will get the chance to play MINECRAFT® on our private server....and...with their best friends! Can you build the birthday child a cake to celebrate?

*Add-on limited to Deluxe Party Package

Server may vary.