(Ages 7+)

Builders will receive a tutorial on coding and programming. They will be given different challenges, such as creating the fastest Ozobot track, a path for the Sphero to get through a maze, getting your Ozobot/Sphero to move things, and much more.

 (Ages 7+)

Builders will be introduced to the basics of circuits, electricity, and conductivity. They will experiment with how to construct basic circuits (creating buzzers, working lights, etc.) with littleBits. Builders will be encouraged to find creative ways to interact with their computer using Makey Makey.  Builders will be challenged to brainstorm and sketch their idea for making their own prototyped circuit that can be wired to the computer to do things like play MINECRAFT, play a banana keyboard, play the drums, and much more.


STEAM Lab Workshops

Select Saturdays 10am-12pm

$20 per workshop


"Great workshops for kids!"

- Criscelyn M.

​​Builders will be engaged in a hands-on program that combines real-life skills that are designed to inspire creative thinking, teamwork, social skills and problem-solving for the 21st century with real kid FUN using LEGO® bricks & More! 
Each session builders will be building new models and developing their creative and problem-solving skills.​

Limited spots available. MUST pre-register for workshops. 

(Ages 9+)

This workshop, will give designers the basic understanding of how to use a 3D printer and 3Doodler to make their own design. Designers will be introduced to prototyping in 3D CAD. All designers will need an email account so they can continue working on their design if they are not able to finish within the time restraints.

Additional Fee for printed items.