​​​Teen Connections

Fridays 6-9pm (runs in 1 month sessions)

Teen Connections is a social group for teens of all abilities; to come together and have FUN! This is a great opportunity to build friendships and social skills in a supportive environment.
They will enjoy hanging out with like minded peers while playing games, building LEGO® sets, playing on our private MINECRAFT® server and much, much, more!

Program Fee: $60.00 per month

or $20 per night

(3rd Friday of the month)  participants will have a potluck pizza party. The pizza will be provided by us and participants will have the choice of bringing a dessert or drink to share with each other!

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Navigating life as a teenager can be a very uneven course. To smooth out some of the bumps, Teen Connections is an opportunity for older builders to practice executive functioning skills and direct their own social interactions. This is a social group for teens of all abilities; to come together and have FUN!

The purpose of this program is helping teens to identify and keep friends,  while practicing social skills, under the guidance of supportive adults. They will enjoy hanging out with like minded peers while playing games, building LEGO sets, playing on our private  Minecraft server, Robotics, Ice Cream Socials, Movie Nights and much, much more! The group will encourage its members to practice social and life skills, develop healthy coping skills, and increasing self-confidence. 

Teen Connections

An opportunity for teens to practice social skills

Building Connections uses evidence-based techniques to teach vital social skills  to empower individuals to self advocate in a safe and supportive environment.
 ● Making and Maintaining friendships
● Taking turns and wining/losing gracefully
● Interpreting facial expressions and body language
● Using humor, ignoring, or assertion to combat teasing/bullying
●Telling jokes, appropriate use of humor
● Engaging in back-and-forth, age-appropriate conversation
● Asking for help and maintaining a respectful attitude when frustrations arise
● Social Awareness & Social Thinking
● Communication  & Conversation Skills
● Problem Solving &  Self Advocacy
● Physical & Emotional Self Regulation
● And many more!